Fr. James Hughes, pastor of St. Patrick's Parish and School


Catholic Schools

The formation of our children is first and foremost the responsibility of the parents, and is something that needs to be modeled in our homes. Thankfully, however, the Church has made it possible for parents to work alongside the greater Catholic community in helping shape the Church’s youngest members. 


Fr. James Huges, pastor

The pastor is an integral member of the school community, with a specific role in overseeing the religious education curriculum and leading the liturgical life. In addition he supports the formation of teachers in their role as Catholic educators.


The parish is a family of families

Through its school, the parish cooperates with parents to support them in their role as the primary educators of their children, especially in the transmission of the faith, and through the school, parents and children are linked to the wider community of the parish. Parents should be involved in the life of the school through participation in councils and committees, as well as regular collaboration with the staff. 

Parish Education Committee

Additional Information

The philosophy of our Catholic school expresses the teaching and practice of the Roman Catholic Church and must be supported by all members of the community. Partners (home, school, parish) in Catholic education must work together to provide an environment where faith and learning go hand in hand leading the young people to be the best they can be. 

St. Patrick’s Elementary is a Catholic Independent School of the Vancouver Archdiocese. An elementary school, established by St. Patrick’s Parish, it follows the policies and procedures recommended by the Catholic Independent School Board.

The Parish Education Committee is composed of five elected and two appointed members. The Education Committee assists the Pastor in carrying out the responsibilities laid out in the Policy and Structure for the administration of schools within the Society. 

The team of membership for all elected and appointed members is two years, renewable thrice consecutively, for a total of eight consecutive years.

Elections of members to fill vacancies is set yearly for the last weekend of May. 

2019-2020 Members

Chair:           Mrs. Kristen Carlos

Vice Chair :  Mrs. Lenie Caliva

Fundraising: Mrs. Lenie Caliva

Treasurer:     Mrs. Margaret Robles

Secretary:     Mrs. Julie Gies

Parish Participation:  Mr. Jessie Bay

School Participation: Mrs. Amyli Zaratan

Yard Duty:     Mrs. Imelda Canlas

The Role of the Committee

  • Acknowledge that Catholic schools’ function within the structure of the Catholic Church and are an expression of its mission. 
  • Understand that the Catholic school that they are called to serve functions within the structure of the Catholic Independent School Vancouver Archdiocese (CISVA). 
  • Understand that the role of the Education Committee is to implement policies and decisions of the CISVA Board of Directors.
  • Participate in long-term planning in consultation with school stakeholders: Pastor, Principal, parents. Examples include, financial and capital plans and strategic plans.
  • Ensure the safe and orderly operation of the school in the following areas: collection of fees, payment of operating expenses, facilities, maintenance, parent participation, etc.
  • Prepare the budget for the operation and maintenance of the school. Such a budget requires approval of the Pastor/Archbishop's Representative. 
  • Ensure that proper books and financial records are kept for the purposes of claiming government grants and issuing tax receipts. The Education Committee will complete and submit reports and other documents as may be required by the Board of Directors or the Superintendent.
  • Ensure adherence to CISVA Policy 306 in relation to hiring of school personnel and Policy 304 in cases on non-renewal of school personnel. 
  • Support and recognize the Principal as the educational leader and chief administrator in the school.
  • Assume other duties as are assigned to Education Committees from time to time by CISVA. 


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