St. Patrick's Elementary School History

97 years of Celtic Tradition!

Monsignor Forget established the foundations of Catholic education at St. Patrick’s Parish. With his dedication and service funds were raised and the school was built. St. Patrick’s Elementary School was opened in 1922. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto under Sr. Alberta Martin the Superior, were the first to begin teaching in the newly built St. Patrick’s Elementary School. 

Today, St. Patrick’s Elementary School is part of the Catholic Independent Schools Vancouver Archdiocese (CISVA) and is the immediate responsibility of St. Patrick’s Parish, under the auspices of the pastor who is immediately responsible to the Archbishop. Under the constitution of the Society of the CISVA, there is a duly elected PEC (Parish Education Committee). Five members of the committee are elected from the Parish directly involved with the school. Two members of the PEC are appointed by the pastor. The PEC is delegated by the society to set the particular policy of the school, and the business and finances pertaining to it. It is also responsible for the hiring of the principal and, in consultation with the principal and the pastor, for the hiring of the teaching staff. 

Under the guidance of the Pastor, whose role in the school flows from his canonical role in the Parish, the Education Committee delegates its authority to the Principal who oversees the day to day operation of the school and the areas pertaining to the academics.

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St. Patrick's Parish Vancouver

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Catholic Independent Schools Vancouver Archdiocese (CISVA)




Principal: Mrs. Diane Sorochuk

Vice Principal: Mrs. Fatima Gaspar

Support Staff



Office Administration: Mrs. Stephanie Evans

Bookkeeper: Mrs Carmina Quian

Maintenance: Mr. Fernando Robles


"Teachers and educators fulfill a specific Christian  vocation and share an equally specific participation in the mission of the Church. Members of the staff are called to model the integration of faith and culture in all the subjects they teach."

Classroom Teachers

Kindergarten: Mrs. Charmaine Harris

Grade 1: Mrs. Anna Lancaster

Grade 2: Ms. Courtney Tabuenca

Grade 3: Ms. Grainne Kinsella

Grade 4: Ms. Cliona Mulroy

Grade 5: Mrs. Michelle Milan

Grade 6: Mr. Adam Quan

Grade 7: Mr. Bill Wicken


Physical Education: Mr. Paul Venges

Music:                       Mr. Gregory Coles

Library:                     Mrs. Fatima Gaspar

Leaning Assistance: Mrs. Sandra Pink

Educational Assistants

Other Programs


Rachel Reade and  Andrea Reynolds 

After School Care

Josephine Cabanting